Certified Scrum Professional

Last year I started me Scrum Alliance career with the CSM course. At that point I set myself the goal of becoming the go-to guy when it comes to Scrum. Before the end of the year I certified as CSM, CSPO and Agile Practitioner.
As you may know, the CSM and CSPO certifications aren't all that impressive. The CSM certification requires you to pass a multiple choice test but the CSPO certification only requires you to show up to the course (and convince the trainer that you're paying attention). The knowledge gained from the training is definitely useful but the certificates don't really prove much.
The Agile Practitioner certification is a bit more involved. It includes a peer review of your work and answering questions on how you handle Agile practices. It was a real victory for me to be told by two knowledgable people that I Do Stuff Right.
The CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) certification doesn't include a verbal exam but it does require you to write down all your experience and training which will be vetted by the Scrum Alliance and which needs to show that you've learned about Scrum and practiced Scrum to a certain (pretty high) degree. I registered all this training and knowledge a couple of weeks ago and had a back and forth with the review committee about completeness of the profile. Yesterday the confirmation came in: Yes, my CV shows that I've had enough training and practice to be called a Certified Scrum Professional. I am quite pleased with that.
I'm not done yet. At the moment I'm on an assignment that has me coach an organisation in Agile practices and Scrum implementation. It is my dream job and if this goes well, the first feather in my cap towards becoming a Certified Scrum Coach. Currently my main goal is to coach people in agile/Scrum and it would be nice to be recognised as such in a couple of years. Although what comes after that is anybodies guess......