Agile Foundation Training

Last night was the first official event. I've been working on my presentation and my content, scouting locations and finding the perfect kickoff group but last night it all came together.

In a small training room somewhere in downtown Eindhoven, behind a small game shop, a group of 11 people I know and hold dear gathered to listen to me speak about Agile.
On the one hand I wanted to further my life goal of Agile World Domination by converting a couple more people, on the other hand I wanted feedback on everything that's

From experience I have found that this training usually takes about two to two and a half hours. But this group was.... different. There were questions abound (with the answer generally boiling down to "it depends"), discussions about every possible subject (Agile related that is ;)) and in general a high level of energy in the room. Where I usually have time in the 3-hour timeslot I reserve for this training to run Henrik Kniberg's "Product Ownership in a nutshell", this time we decided to just stop after about 4 hours. I'm sure the discussions within this group could've easily taken another hour.

For me the biggest takeaway was that the style of my presentation looked too cheap and that I may need to diversify in my target audience. I also want to work on the way I present this; there's too much powerpoint at the moment and it needs to be more me with a sharpy on the flipover.

So to all who where there: Thank you for making this evening a success!
And to all who weren't: You missed something :) But feel free to contact me if you want to participate in this training in the future!