Goal of the year: Achieved!

Earlier this year I attended Agile Coaching camp and was introduced to the concept of Sketchnoting by Laurens. A couple of weeks later I met him at SPC training again and damn, that stuff looks sexy! A couple of months after that, Alexey Pikulev used similar techniques in his Management3.0 workshop. That was the last straw! I had to learn how to do that!

And so I decided to stop procrastinating and just start doing it. My primary goal was not to become as good as Laurens. I know what my limits are and that stuff is way beyond them :) My primary goal was to be able to make my trainings and workshops more fun by adding color and flipover notes that are more easthetically pleasing than they used to be.

I've been co-hosting the SAFe training for the UWV the past three weeks and just been putting my thoughts into practice. What I learned? Doing it is the only useful training for this! My catalogue of visual notes is still limited but every time I need to add something I don't know how to do, I go onto the Internet and see how others do it. That way I've added a number of items to my catalogue these 3 weeks and I'm sure the catalogue isn't done yet. But I have reached my main goal: I'm proficient enough to keep using it and I have the means to keep practicing and improving.

I started this year with my first ever personal Epic: Teach people how to get to a great Product Backlog. That one was done when the training "Agile: The Product Backlog" went to version 1.0.
My second personal Epic was this; The ability to use visual notes to support my trainings and workshops. I consider that Done now.
Yesterday I joined Lean Coffee Amsterdam and one of the topics was gemification. That's always been an interest of me but right now I think it would be the best way to expand my knowledge. So consider that Epic #3!