New challenges

After many, many years trying to convince big companies that Agile is the way to go (and regularly failing at that), it is time for a new challenge. A tiny little company in the south of the netherlands has been way too succesfull over the past decades and now they want to know if Agile can make them even more so.....

So there I was, about 2 weeks ago. 35 people in the company, 3 locations, about 25 people in the main office. Main business: Software development and support. The first Scrum team had just finished Sprint 1, the Scrum Master had just finished the CSM training.
Now what?

After a week of talking to the Scrum team, the Scrum master, the Product owner, management and hallway greets with just about everyone else, it was clear that a joint understanding of terminology and framework would be useful. First item on my Agile Backlog: Agile Foundation training for everyone!
So it was decided, so it was done. Last week, in 2 sessions almost everyone at the main office was educated to the basics of everything Agile. Everyone now knows about Scrum, the Manifesto, the Daily Standup, pigs&chickens and sticky notes.

In two mornings time, I got to know everyone in the main office and everyone got to know me. My own Agile backlog was nicely filled with new workitems. Agile is only part of the modernisation of the company, a new organisation structure is needed as well and I was asked to form an educated opinion on this. We need to look at how to introduce Agile outside of Software Development. We need to start a second Scrum team (albeit a bit more difficult since it's in a different location) and we need to see how we can get the Support department to use Agile.

As you can see, there's enough work here to keep me busy. But at least it's a group of people who are all eager to learn, eager to see what I have to offer, eager to get going with a more modern way of doing things. Management fully supports this and wants to learn as well. Everything is in place for a succesfull implementation of modern methods, I intend to add everything I know and everything I have towards that goal.