Product Owner responsibilities

When I started with Agile a couple of years ago, we set out to help Software Developers have more fun developing Software. Fun was being stifled by overbearing formal patterns that were counterproductive leading to less fun, worse software that didn't do what the user needed. So I started working as Scrum Master to help those organisations use Scrum and Agile to deliver better, more useful products whilst having more fun doing it.
The world has changed since then. Software Developers are having a lot more fun building better, more useful stuff. But now the Product Owners are the ones with the stressful job; dangnabit those Developers are working too fast! We can't keep up! And they're demanding different forms of specifications as well. How are we going to survive this?!

I'm still a big proponent of fun in the workplace but if Product Owners don't know the best way to handle this newfangled form of Software Development, they aren't going to have much fun. Or much productivity. Or much of a decent product. So maybe it's time to see what's so special about Product Ownership and how we can make that job as much fun as Agile Software Development is.

At this moment I'm building a course on Agile Requirements: How to set up a Product Backlog to reap the best benefits of Agile in general. The course will teach about Vision, turning Vision into Epics, turning Epics into Product Backlog items and how to size, slice, estimate and realize them. Whilst I'm building this course, I'd like to take my online readers through the same journey. Watch this website for the first installment sometime later this month: The Product owner vision.