Company Safari

As I ponder the end of my first client assignment as an independent coach, with a reasonable chance that I won't have a client in December, maybe Januari, I'm thinking "How can I best spend my time so that I'll be a better coach next year?".
I've seen my share of companies from the inside. I've worked for Philips, Exxon, Centerparcs, Phillips again, APG, DSM, Ondeo-Nalco, APX, Gasunie, ASR, DNWG, Metro, Ergo, KPN, PostNL and probably a lot more that I can't remember right now. They're all different. They all taught me new stuff about how a company can work and how it can't. The main contributor to my skillset is that experience. The fact that I can always fall back on "At XX we did it this way and that worked well, should we try that here as well?"
And if the conclusion is that I got better by seeing all those companies then shouldn't the other conclusion be that I'll get even better by seeing even more companies?

I also concluded that I'm generally more productive when I'm not at home. I know, sounds counterproductive to some. But it's true; when I leave the patterns I've set up for myself at home, I become more creative.
So I thought; why not combine the two? Why not ask different companies if I can have a desk for a day. I'll be mostly doing my own work but seeing how that company works at the same time. Whether it's just observing or maybe doing a small "retrospective" to talk about what I see. Whether it's with the directors, with a Scrum team or with the secretaries. It doesn't matter.

So I'm asking all of you; Do you work for, or know, a company near Helmond/Eindhoven/Venlo/Weert (as in; about 50km from Helmond) that would be willing to give me a desk for a day? Or even half a day? I'd love to take my safari to your place and see what happens!