Upwards and onwards!

Yup, the countdown is finished.

A couple of months ago I realised that I wasn't happy working for my employer. I had a lot of ideas and saw a lot of opportunities but within a large company there is always the structure that is in the way. And so I started thinking of going freelance.
Until that Friday afternoon. I already knew what the options were and what the market is like. I started thinking "When would be the right time to do this?". And then I realized;

When I talk about Agile I get a lot of questions. Most of those questions have the same answer; "It depends".... There are only a few questions that have a different answer. "When" questions for example. They generally don't get an "It depends" answer. They generally get that other answer: "Now!". Most of the "When" questions in Agile need to be answered with "Now!".
- When do we start sprinting? Now!
- When do we start automating tests? Now!
- When should we talk about impediments? Now!
- When would be the right time to go freelance?.......

And so I wrote my letter of resignation right then and there. I didn't know what I was gonna do after my notice period but I knew something would come along somehow.

That was just over a month ago. Today I will go to the Chamber of Commerce and register myself as a partner. I will be joining The Future Group as a freelance partner.

These are exciting times. These are interesting times. It's time for a new adventure.