A Scrum Course

11 Sep 2018
Submitted by croga

In the early 20th century, Alfred Kroeber wrote about patterns in Anthropology; the structures that make up our culture. Several years later, Christopher Alexander took those same concepts into Architecture and described the patterns we find that make beautiful cities, buildings, rooms.

For the past several years, big names in Scrum have been coming together to talk about the patterns of Scrum; How Scrum works, why it works and how to implement it, using patterns. This group of people have several person-centuries of combined experience with Scrum.

The past two days, a group of 12 people have been taught by James O. Coplien and Julya van Berkel about those patterns. About all of the patterns that make up Scrum (and more), about the grammar of those patterns and the language they form. About how to write and refine our own patterns, about how patterns are specific to context and your context may not be mine.

Many companies have been reading the Scrum guide. Many companies have been implementing the three roles, the five events and the four artifacts (yes, the impediment log is an artefact 😉) studiously but mechanically. The Scrum Pattern Language will help you understand *why* the roles are what they are, *why* we need to four artifacts and *why* there are five events. If we want to bring Scrum to the next level, we need to understand the patterns that make up Scrum and build on that.

After two impressive, focussed, sometime exhausting days I have just spent an hour going through my notes, writing down literature that I need to read, information that I need to take in, work I need to do, stuff I want to create. My backlog for 2018 contains reading the materials of Alfred Kroeber and Christopher Alexander. It contains going over the Scrum patterns on http://scrumbook.org . It contains reading about Kaikaku. It contains trying out writing patterns and maybe setting up a local PLoP. It contains thinking about patterns in management. It contains attending EuroPLoP and/or VikingPLoP. And mostly it contains arranging another one of those Scrum Deep Dive trainings with James and Julya. I hope to see all of you there.