11 Sep 2018


Agilista.me is Koen van der Pasch. Koen has been interested in Agile methods since 1998 when he first started working as a software developer and realised that Waterfall Just Doesn't Work. He first ran into Rational Unified Process. And although that's already a step up from the rigid liniarity of Waterfall, it was still not good enough.

In 2008 he was introduced to Scrum and other Agile methods. Finally things started to make sense and after battling the Old Guard for a couple of years the Agile movement gained the critical mass to invite James "Cope" Coplien to teach a Certified Scrum Master course in tandem with colleague Julya van Berkel. (recommended reading: Scrum World Domination)

More recently Koen has been delving deeper into Agile beyond Software Development. If it works for building a piece of software, why wouldn't it work for writing a book? Or designing a car? Or just generally working together? And thus his venture into Management3.0, Product Ownership, Customer Journeys and just about everything Agile Beyond Software Development.

All that knowledge and experience is slightly useless when it remains bottled up in one person. And so Koen started Agilista.me Training and Coaching. His one-man knowledge transfer company. If you want to know more about everything Agile, don't hesitate to contact me or take a look at my course calendar (not available yet, soon to come ;))

Koen van der Pasch has been active in professional IT Software development since 1991 (less professional since 1983 ;)). He has been leading projects since 2003 and has been a Scrum Master since 2011, certified in 2013. He has certified as Product Owner and Scrum Professional. At the moment most of his work consists of coaching organisations and their people in the use of Scrum and Agile in the entire organisation.

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