Delegation Poker

04 Dec 2015
Submitted by croga
delegation poker

In the transformation process to a modern organisation, one of our managers finds it hard to let go of his tasks and responsibilities. He wants to, but he doesn't really know how to. His own transformation is that of the Operations Manager to Product Owner of our main product.


First we defined what would be his main function within the company. He will be the Product Owner of our main product (and have all of our customers and potential customers as his stakeholders). Since he's also part of the MT, there are some tasks from that function that he cannot ignore.


Then we wrote down all tasks that he does on a daily basis. Ranging from leave administration to work assignment to writing invoices. Even tasks that he is only involved with were put to paper (stickynotes of course, what else ;))

Delegation poker

We put the 7 stages of delegation on a whiteboard. Then we put every task at the current level of delegation. This gave a good overview of how involved he is in everything within the company. He's been working here for 15 years and since he now knows just about everything that's going on, he's also involved in just about everything that's going on. When that was done, we looked at what his ideal level of delegation was for every task. Everything that wasn't part of his Product Owner role or his MT tasks got a higher number on it.


For every task that got a higher delegation level than "1" we talked about who should be involved or who should the task be delegated to. And so we set up a "backlog" of delegations. He now has a number of appointments to start delegating his tasks.


The end result will be that our Product Owner can now focus more on true Product Ownership. In the end this will benefit the quality of the work we deliver to our customers and give him more focus, thus less stress.