10 Aug 2015

A suprising truth about Loneliness

Submitted by croga

During my Management3.0 course last week, there was a lot of talk about ideal team sizes, ideal company sizes, etc. That then evolved into a discussion on psychological events, group structures, how do we interact with people?
Nadezhda pointed us to "The Innovation of Loneliness". A internet video about how online social networks are replacing personal interaction and reshaping our self image to the point that it might become the biggest social problem humanity is yet to face.

05 Jun 2015

Agile beyond Software Development

Submitted by croga

And then I ran into this article:
Dave Thomas argues that "Agile software development" is little more than "drop most processes, think about the impact of what you do NOW on what you're going to do NEXT". And isn't that exactly what needs to be done in the rest of the company as well? Wouldn't all work be done more efficiently if we projected the Agile Manifesto on it?


11 Nov 2013

Agile nu en toekomst

Submitted by croga

Agile nu: Software Development
Forester’s Tom Grant, Ph. D. stelt in zijn stuk dat Agile vooral zo succesvol blijkt in software ontwikkeling omdat het niet probeert meer te beschrijven dan alleen het software ontwikkel proces.
In plaats van het volledige proces tussen idee en markt te beschrijven heeft Agile zich beperkt tot dat deel van het proces waar de software gebouwd wordt. De tools die Agile biedt richten zich volledig op het vereenvoudigen en versnellen van dat deel van het proces.